About us

As a women's fashion brand, GIOLSHON wants to convey an inner peace
The emotional state of "inner peace", the pursuit of strength and beauty, exploring the inner strength of women's flexibility, relaxation and certainty
Through the language of fashion, women's unfolding and ever-changing contours in life and capture the profound feminine light and shadow are traced
Because of the strong inner strength, so tolerant of the world love.
Because of her positive attitude, she is not afraid of the future.

GIOLSHON challenges the traditional presuppositions on how female roles should grow and transform, and clarifies a new feminist attitude. She denies the fixed thinking imposed on femininity and gives it the power of openness and confidence with a new aesthetic norm.
She is no longer limited by the fact that women must be weak or must be strong, which is the only statement that feminism can make:
Whether women are free to choose their own lives, free to love and be loved.